Messing My Diaper At School!
I woke up this morning with a REALLY soggy diaper. It was already pretty wet when I went to bed, but it felt so nice and squishy between my thighs that I wanted to masturbate in it before I went to sleep. Being quite a heavy wetter through the night, I'd been smart enough to lay a towel over my bed sheet to soak up any leaks!

I wake up rubbing my eyes and tell you how nervous I am for a big test a school today, I have a lot riding on it! I climb out of bed and take off my soggy diaper (that I must have not long ago wet cus it's still all lovely and warm around my pussy) and get cleaned up.

I tell you how I've decided to wear a diaper under my school uniform today, as nerves give me even worse bladder problems and I'm sure I'll end up wetting myself.

I put on a fresh thick night time diaper and then get dressed in my school clothes. I wave you goodbye and tell you to wish me luck!

As I sit at a desk in the big hall you can see how hard I'm concentrating. The test paper isn't as bad as I thought it would be and everything is going fine until I feel cramps beginning in my tummy. At first they are not to bad and I try to just really focus on what I'm writing. But as they grow stronger, I begin to get very uncomfortable.

I realize how desperate to pewp I am, how could this be happening to me now! I can't leave the room in the middle of a test! I try to keep writing, I wriggle and squirm and you can clearly see my discomfort rising.

I can't take it any more! I have to go to the bathroom! I may have a diaper on, but there is no way I'm in it right in front of my entire class!

I hold up my hand to get the teachers attention and ask him if I can please use the bathroom. He tells me that I can't! I beg and plead with him telling him it's an emergency and he tells me that I most certainly can leave if that's what I want, but I'll fail the test!

What was I supposed to do! I couldn't fail, that just wasn't an option! So I carry on trying to hold it, but the pains getting so unbearable that I can't even focus on my paper.

I know I have no other choice but to leave the hall and hopefully once I've explained the problem afterwards, I may get another chance to sit the test.

I get up to leave the room, but as soon as I do, the biggest cramp comes over me. I double over, leaning on my desk for support, and as I do, my bottom just literally explodes! I can't hold it in! Load after load is being forced out in to my diaper and you can see it filling up quickly!

OH my god! I'm mortified! How can this bee happening! I quickly sit back down at my desk not really knowing what to do! As my bum connects with the seat, I feel the warm pewpy mushing all over my butt cheeks, and the smell that was coming from me!!!

I don't look up, but I could feel that heads were turning. It was my teacher who actually came out with it, asking what that terrible smell was! Tears were welling up in my eyes and when he told me to stand up and lift my skirt thinking I'd messed my panties I was just mortified! It was all to much and I felt as though I was in a dream. I slowly lift my short little school skirt, and reveal my disgustingly full and smelly diaper. His words where echoing in my head and when I heard the rest of my class laughing, that was it. I just ran! Ran as far away from those horrible girls, that horrible teacher and horrible situation as I could. I didn't stop running until I got home!

Falling on to my bedroom floor, the mess in my diaper is spread even further, but I hardly notice. I just sit there and cry and tell you how totally humiliated I've been and how I can never go back to that school again.

Becoming aware of how the mess is spreading up the back of my diaper, I take off all my clothes to avoid getting pewp all over them. I sit back down in just my messy stinky diaper and sob!

As I cry, my hand wanders down between my legs. I seem to subconsciously rub down there just for comfort, and as I do I start getting flash backs of what's just happened, only this time a tingly feeling in my pussy is being created. I rub a bit harder and then a bit faster, my pussy beginning to drip! And then I can't help it! I've had one of the worst days of my entire life but it's now turning me on and I need to cum!

I play and masturbate in my dirty diaper until I moan out loudly and begin to pee all over the sticky pewp, this sensation pushes me over the edge and my whole body erupts in to a lovely long orgasm.

After coming back down to earth, I realize how disgusting I am. I go in to the bathroom, climb in the bath and take off my diaper. Turning the shower hose on, I wash myself down with warm water getting rid of the evidence that has been the cause of the most humiliating day of my life!
Running Time 13 Minutes